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Neem India Products Pvt. Ltd. has developed a number of neem based products which have been widely accepted by farmers in India and other countries like Japan, Kenya, Tanzania, Australia, European Countries etc.

Neem India

Neem India is promoted by technocrats and professionals having rich experience in agri-biotech industry since last two decades

Neem India

Neem India is engaged in continuous Research and Development with control on manufacturing and quality – brings products for agriculture, horticulture and other crops to suit farmers requirements

Neem India

Organic Certification from IMO Control Switzerland and ECOCERT from France for all the inputs manufactured and marketed by Neem India

Neem India

Neem India is focused on Bio crop solutions for crops and soils with focus on quality and productivity of crop produce

Neem India

Neem India promotes Organic agriculture , integrated nutrient and pest management

Neem India

Neem India is also certified by ISO:9001 2015 and operates on all INDIA basis and also exports to 21 countries including USA, Europe and Japan


ISO 9001

InterConformity Assessment and Certification


Ecosert is certification body to develop standards for “natural and organic cosmetics”

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Organic Farming


Cold Pressed Technology


Major Exporter of Neem


Key for Sustainable Agri

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