Neem Drop

  • Neem Drop is natural neem seed oil.
  • Neem Drop is manufactured from best quality neem seed kernel by cold press extraction process to retain pesticidal properties of active ingredients.
  • Neem Drop is available in natural form as well as water soluble form.
  • Neem Drop has wide applications in agriculture and health care.
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Neem Drop



  • Neem Drop acts as a natural plant based insecticide
  • It controls various soil borne pests, larvae of pests and nematodes.
  • Does not affect natural enemies.
  • Safe for beneficial insect.
  • Sustain long lasting pest control.
  • Fertilizer giants use neem oil for Urea coating so as to reduce Nitrogen loss

How to use

  •  Neem Drop is best applied in foliar spray, drenching and drip irrigation.

Shelf Life

  • 2 year from date of manufacturing if kept in cool and dry place away from heat and open fire.


Dosage/Dilution rate: 5 – 10 ml/ltr


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