Neem India is producer of Eco-friendly; Export Quality Neem based Total Organic Manure (TOM) and Pesticides for floriculture, horticulture, vegetables cash crops and plantations crops across the world. Neem India strongly propagates the concept of organic farming for the benefits of mankind; “Aiming to care our Blue-Planet”

Looking at the disadvantages of exclusive use of chemical fertilizers and the norms for the pesticide residues are becoming stringent day by day: We realized the importance of utilizing eco-friendly organic products for agri inputs. Neem is an ancient tree of Indian origin with more than 100 unique bioactive compounds. They have potential applications in environmental services and other benefits in agriculture, animal care, and public health.

Neem India portrays a perfect blend of modernization and traditions as it brings time-tested benefits of Neem to the world through strong Research & Development thus developing cold processing techniques for the commercial production of Neem Organic Manure, Neem oil and Neem pesticides with the deployment of ISL procedures. These Neem products have been widely accepted by farmers of India and other countries like Japan, Kenya, Tanzania, as well as USA.

Our Global Presence


To spread the ancient and rich heritage of Neem and its uses globally.


To provide natural neem based product for agriculture use worldwide for chemical-free tomorrow.

Our Principles

  • Provide Best Quality No Matter What
  • Empathy towards Nature
  • Customer Satisfaction and long-term relations
  • Integrity & Transparency in work ethics