RJ Wonder

Neem India introduces RJ Wonder – a multi-dimensional water soluble organic fertiliser, which contains organic substance Humic acid, Fulvic acid, amino acid, vitamins and other nutrients for crops. RJ Wonder which provides necessary nutrients for crop by foliage spraying timely, adjust physiological functions, enhance resistance, improve production and quality. RJ Wonder also provides nutrients for roots and soil microbes, rear and activate soil beneficial microorganisms, activate, improve and loose soil, which provides a good and healthy growth environment for crops

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RJ Wonder 


  • Rooting with strong bines :RJ Wonder promote rooting, increase chlorophyll content, green and thicker leaves and strong bines
  • Protecting and Flowers and Fruits: RJ Wonder promote the flower formation, reduce the abnormal flowers and controls the flower dropping, enhances the pollination activity and improves the fruit setting rates for healthy fruits
  • Increases Yield and improve quality :Promote the transport of nutrients to the fruits which will improve the fruits weight, increase sugar content, increase in soluble solids and there by improve the fruit flavor and quality
  • Eliminate Physical Barriers :It regulates the balanced absorption of nutrients and correct absorption barriers, promotes crop growth, improve tree vigor, reduce yellow leaves, rotten roots and physiological diseases
  • Improve Immunity: With improved metabolic enzymes and vegetative growth- plants can enhance resistances to the dry and hot wind, cold dew wind, water logging and drought damage
  • Improve Pesticide Effects :When mixed with non-alkaline pesticides, RJ Wonder can improve the activity of pesticide and pesticide dispersion. It also extends absorption time on plant leaves, promote plant absorption and improve efficacy.

Shelf Life

  • 4 year from date of manufacturing.


50 ml RJ Wonder per Acre