Super-H Liquid

Certified for use in organic farming by Institute if Marketecology (IMO), Switzerland

Super H is a plant bio-stimulant which are extracted from organic matter after undergoing a microbial decomposition and degradation. Super H Liquid accelerates plant metabolic processes and enhances nutrient uptake, increases yield parameters which contributes to increased crop yields besides enhancing the quality of crop produce.

Product Features of Super H Liquied

  • Super H Liquid is a product of plant origin containing active humic substances, which act at the root zone of the plant and enhance both qualitative and quantitative parameters in plants.
  • Super H Liquid contains both humic and fulvic acid apart from Betanies and Cytokinins.
  • Super H Liquid aids in cell wall thickening which enhances the shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
  • Super H Liquid has almost 10-15 times higher cation exchange capacity (CEC) ranging between 900 to 1500 meq per litre of the product.
  • Super H Liquid improves Organoleptic factors thus improving taste and sweetness of fruits and vegetables.

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  • Improves Soil texture by binding soil particles.
  • Helps in vigorous root growth increasing both root length and root volume, thus helping the plants to establish firmly in the soil.
  • Helps in preventing leaching of plant nutrients by it retention and making available nutrients from fixed from to available form.
  • The phyto stimulatory compounds present in Super H Liquid stimulate plants and regulate harmones under stress condition and keep the plants healthy.

Mode of Action of Super H Liquid

  • By binding soil particles with humus, it improves soil porosity, soil aeration and enhances water holding capacity.
  • With a higher cation exchange capacity, it helps in making available various plant nutrients.
  • Stimulates plant growth by accelerating cell division and increasing the rate of root growth.
  • increases growth parameters such as tiller numbers / branches panicle length / panicle numbers, buds and flowers, gain numbers and grain weight.

Shelf Life

  • Four years from the date of manufacturing


Usage: Super H Liquid can be used for seed treatment, nursery spray, root dipping and also for foliar application

Usage Dossage
Seed Treatment @ 5 ml / kg of Seeds
Root dipping, Nursery Spray and Foliar Spray @ 5 ml / ltr of water
Increasing yield parameters and crop yelds @500-600 ml/acre as foliar spray and drench the solution at the root zone of the plant.


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