Super H Granules

Super H is a plant bio-stimulant in the form of Humic acid, Fulvic acid & Humin. Humus binds soil particles and improves soil physical condition. It is in the form of granular and treated with Humic substance on double roasted bentonite granules for better results in the fields. It improves soil porosity, soil aeration, soil drainage, water holding capacity, soil micro flora and nutrient uptake by plants.

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  • Stimulates growth by increasing photosynthetic activity and chlorophyll content.
  • It reten of nutrients & makes available to the plants thereby reduces leaching losses.
  • Increases water holding capacity and improves drought tolerance.
  • Increases cell wall thickness, thereby enhances shelf life of fruits and vegetables.
  • Increases organoleptic factors in produce, thus improving the taste.
  • With healthy root system provides resistance to pests and diseases.
  • Reduces chaffy and broken grains in rice and other cereals.
  • Enhances sugar recovery in sugarcane. Improves colour of fruits, vegetable and towers

How to use

Adequate soil moisture is necessary while application. For best results Super H granules can be placed around the plant or evenly broadcast. It can be synchronized with fertilizer application, if schedules. Super H Granules can also be placed in the planting pits before planting. Product can be applied either alone or in combination with other chemical fertilizers, if found convenient.

Shelf Life

Four years from date of Manufacturing


The product can be used on all crops such as vegetables, Food Crops, Commercial Crops, Plantation Crops and other Horticultural Crops

Crop Dosage
Paddy, and Vegetables Nurseries @ 2 kg for 10 cents
Paddy, Wheat etc @ 5 kg/acre on 20th and 50th days after planting
Cotton, Sugarcane etc @ 5-8 kg/acre during planting and 30 days after planting
Vegetables @ 5-8 kg/acre during planting and 30 days after planting
Cardamom Two Applications @ 30-50 g/plant at 30 days interval
Fruit Crops @20-50 g/plant at 15 days before flowering and 15 days before fruit set
Plantation Crops/ Palms @8-10 kg/acre before and after Monsoon


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